Industries and applications

Our systems provide solutions to a variety of applications and use cases across industries, from fundamental research to pre-production stages, manufacturing quality control, and more.

Quality control


Material variability in the manufacturing process can have a significant impact in the characteristics of manufactured batteries. This leads to inconsistent properties and performance of the final product.

Our system automates sampling and data collection in the manufacturing processes.

This reduces downtime and provides consistency and repeatability to enhance your quality control assurance.

R&D Acceleration


Manual battery assembly is a time consuming process requiring technical skills and dexterity. This is an unscalable approach to research. In addition, cells assembled by different scientists are likely to results in cells with different characteristics. The introduction of human variables hinders results and progress.

Cellerate's automated system reduces the time needed to build multiple cells, and replaces the human variable with a high precision, repeatable assembly process.

The increased throughput results in more and better data, leading to faster and better decisions.

Innovate with us


Innovations and breakthroughs come from extensive research in a multitude of directions. It is often an expensive and time-consuming endeavour to explore each direction at a time.

With our leading technology you are able to increase your bandwidth for exploration, generating quality data across a parameter space.

You will benefit from quicker and reliable results to support your decision-making and achieve your objectives faster.


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