Enabling better

and faster

battery R&D

Did you know battery R&D is done by hand?

Button cell

Automate It

Scientists spend over 100,000 hours per year building test cells manually. Our systems build test cells for them so they can focus on their objectives.

Assemble Precisely

Battery component alignment significantly impacts performance. Our automated systems assemble with unrivalled precision.

Increase Throughput

Discoveries used to take just time, now they take data.
Our automated systems build 4x faster than a human.

We Automate battery R&D

Exploded view of a coin cell

Coin Cell Assembly

Our system for automated coin cell assembly and sealing does the job for you.

This a cost effective solution with high performance specifications. It is compact and easily fits in your glovebox.

Pouch cell

Pouch Cell Assembly

Coin cells have limits. You cannot easily add a reference electrode or control electrode stack pressure.

We have developed the next generation of test cells for battery R&D which solves this problem.


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