Cellerate's automated cell assembly and sealing system

Cellerate enables battery researchers and developers to focus on their innovations. Our systems enhance the data quality, reliability, and throughput of battery test data. They do this by automating key processes in cell assembly and replacing laborious manual tasks with high precision, data rich systems, providing the tools for faster and better decision-making.




Sealer Module

The sealer module seals both coin cells and pouch cells. Pressure and temperature settings can be manually adjusted for optimal sealing quality. It is compatible with the assembler module for automatic operation.

* Available Q1 2022


Assembler Module

The assembler is an intelligent unit that stacks cell components in under 3 minutes to within 200 microns of accuracy. The system uses machine vision to validate component positioning and assure repeatability and reliability of cell data.

* Available Q1 2022


Autoloader Module

The autoloader lets you build up to 100 cells unattended. It is intended for use with the assembler and sealer units for full automation of large batches of cells, enabling fast parameter exploration.

* Available Q2 2022

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