The Cellerate System

Cellerate's mission is to accelerate energy storage research and production.
We design and manufacture automated systems specifically for this task.

The Cellerate Cell Assembly & Sealing System, showing the three core modules: The Sealer, The Assembler and the Auto-loader

Designed for reliable cell assembly

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The Assembler module placing a coin cell spacer

Fully Automated
Cell Assembly

Accurately assembles up to 20 cells per hour with less than 200 μm axial misalignment between electrodes.

A pouch cell ready to be sealed by the Sealer module

Builds both
Coin and Pouch Cells

Quickly switch between coin and pouch cell building to enable rapid technology scale up.

The Assembler module inside the large antechamber of a 2-port glovebox

Easy Workflow Integration

All modules are designed for operation in argon gloveboxes and fit within a standard two port glovebox.

A tray of coin cell components being loaded into the Assembler

Simple and Intuitive
‍to Use

With the Cellerate System anyone can build a cell. Just load components into the tray and press build.

Some electrolyte being pipetted into a coin cell by the Assembler

Controlled Electrolyte Dispensing

Accurately dispense 5-200 μL of electrolyte at once. Can be dispensed at different stages of build procedure.

The Sealer module crimping a coin cell

Generate Build Procedures

Using our intuitive build procedure generator you can configure the order in which components are assembled.

The camera used for the Assembler to examine the cells it's building

Smart Electrode Alignment

Patented machine vision technology ensures cell components are axially aligned to within 200 μm.

Four electrolyte vials, the standard amount which can be used by the Assembler at any one time

Explore the Electrolyte Parameter Space

Dispense electrolytes and additives from multiple vials. Combine by ratio to explore parameter space.

The Assembler module changing its pick and place head


Automated head exchange allows the operator to avoid contamination, especially important for Li metal.

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