About Us

Meet the team behind Cellerate

Cellerate's mission is to accelerate discoveries across battery research, development and quality control. Our work will enable and accelerate the discovery of advanced energy storage technologies and bring about a climate revolution towards a more sustainable and better world.



Dr Richard Fields

Managing Director

Cellerate is the brainchild of Richard. He has a Ph.D in electrochemical energy storage and over 5 years of experience in designing and building better batteries. An inventor at heart, Richard always strives for a more sustainable and better world.


Alexandre Bento

Technical Director

Alex designs hardware systems. He has been designing satellites in the aerospace industry for over 7 years and is experienced in system engineering and project management.



Mike Moulin-Ramsden

Director of New Ventures at Veolia Nuclear Solutions

Mike is an experienced techno-commercial specialist, leading innovation to market strategy and business growth in early stage ventures.


Justin Souter

Ex-Fujitsu Siemens Operations Manager

A coach and mentor, Justin works with founders and innovators, assisting them in validating their ideas and business models, and helping them succeed.